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Over the next 5 years Jeff and Bre  

On December 31st 2021, Jeff picked up the engagement ring, which he designed, and didn't really know when he was going to propose. When hanging out at Bre's parent's home for New Year's Eve, Jeff was talking to her dad, showed him the ring and asked for his daughter's hand in marriage; which he thankfully approved. Later that night about 15 minutes before the New Year, Jeff snuck away to text Bre's brothers that it was going to happen that night once the New Year began. They call Alyssa, Bre's younger sister teaching in Korea, and once the clock hit 12:00 Jeff went on one knee and proposed! 

Breanna and Touchsavong (aka Jeff) met in college while attending the College of Saint Benedicts and Saints John's University. The first thing that caught Jeff's attention was Breanna's luscious hair, and she.... thought he was loud and "interesting". They began talking through mutual friends and on March 26th, 2017; Jeff asked Breanna to be his girlfriend. 

2022 began to be a huge year for Bre and Jeff. They started the beginning stages of wedding planning. Jeff was ordained as a monk as a part of his cultural tradition before marriage. Getting their first fur baby Benni from the temple where Jeff was ordained. Getting their first place together. As well as getting culturally married on August 20, 2022.