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The Bridesmaids

Alyssa Yang
Maid of Honor

Sister/Sister In Law

"I never met you. Or I probably was introduced to you but we probably don’t remember. You were always in my life. Our relationship is close. We only have each other (no other sisters) so we go to each other for everything. We share secrets and give advice to each other. I met Jeff as the guy, the photographer, at your graduation. I already heard about him, as the guy who kept showing up in front of you. The guy who peaked your interest and you most definitely peaked his. And now you guys are getting married."



Cooky Bayphrachanh

Sister/Sister In Law


"I am truly blessed to have an amazing little brother like Jeff. He has grown up to be the most loving, charismatic, and ambitious man. I couldn't be more proud to call him my brother. I admire Jeff for all things he has accomplished in his life so far, but what I admire the most is the love that he has for Bre. The first time I met Bre and I saw how nervous and excited Jeff was introducing us to her. I knew in that moment that he was going to love her for the rest of his life, because I've never seen Jeff look at someone like how he looked at Bre. I'm so excited to see the life that they are going to have together and how they are going to grow as husband and wife. I love you both very much! I'm VERY excited to finally have a sister."

Malywan Vang


"The beauty of Breanna and I’s friendship is that we have memories of each other in each phase of our lives. From the innocence of childhood to the awkwardness of adolescence to the independence of adulthood, the universe placed us next to each other. We spoke to each other often about the future, discussing who we’d hope to marry and how many children we wanted. Not really knowing what life had in store for us, but supporting each other each step of the way. Now that we’ve reached that chapter in our lives, I am so happy that it was Jeff that Breanna found. Jeff and Breanna compliment each other in ways that encourage love, respect and growth. I am so excited for them and what’s to come of their partnership."

Komani Lee


"I met Breanna in high school, we had very few classes together but interacted almost everyday. It wasn’t until college when we reconnected and bonded as roommates also sharing the same major in Nutrition Studies. We have experienced much of each other’s highs and lows, becoming close like sisters. I met Jeff in college. Likewise, we also shared some classes with the same major in Asian Studies. We bonded through Breanna when they started dating. Jeff has also become good friends with my husband and I consider both as my family."

Phoua Vang


Phoua was blessed to be born as Breanna's first cousin. They grew closer when Phoua went to the College of St. Benedicts's as a freshman while Breanna was a senior. While there, Phoua met Jeff and was more than happy to see her cousin fall in love, even though Phoua was a little oblivious. 

"I'm so excited to see both Jeff and Bre come together as one and build their future together. Sending so much love to you two"

The Groomsmen


Jacques Castonguay
Best Man

Jeff and Jacques met through the Genesys Works program. They were in separate groups, but through mutual friends, we would often talk together. Through their interests in photography, art, music, and a whole lot of other things Jeff and Jacques became very close friends. 

"Our conversations always clicked and we were always genuinely interested in the ideas each other had. When it became time to drop the group off we'd also make excuses on why I should drop off Jeff last, but really it was because I liked our late-night car ride home conversations the most."


Ricardo Esparza-Gutierrez


Jeff and Ricardo meet in junior high school, while not friends at first, through talking with mutual friends and connecting on their love of the Xbox 360, they became close friends spending countless of hours online gaming with each other. 

"Jeff became one of my closest and dearest friends. His impact on my life was so significant that I believe I would be a different person today. When I was getting married and needed a witness, Jeff's name was the first that came to mind. I didn't have to think twice about it. I feel blessed and honored to share his special day with him. I wish nothing but the best for Jeff and Bre in their lovely future together."


Bryce Fongvongsa


Jeff and Bryce met in middle school and connected right away because they were the only Lao kids in the class. After drifting a bit after middle school we reconnected through Genesys Works and have had a tight bond ever since.


"Jeff isn't just one of my guys, he's a brother to me. The relationship we have is strong and that trust we have doesn't happen overnight. We've always supported each other and I'm going to continue being there for him when he needs me."

Chielon Yang



Jeff and Chielon met at Breanna's graduation at CSB. Bre, being Bre, didn't introduce the two. Instead, Jeff had to informally introduce himself to his future brother-in-law(s). Over the years Chielon and Jeff bonded over nerdy things such as Game of Thrones, Overwatch, and other TV shows, movies, and video games. They also bonded over drinking and trying out different craft brews. 

"Jeff has been a cool guy since day one. He always brings a pack of beers or a bottle to cookouts or family get-togethers and he's always down for games and having a fun time. Jeff has done a lot for Bre and our family and I am honored and excited to welcome him as my new brother-in-law."

Adam Yang



Similarly to Chielon, Jeff and Adam met at Bre's graduation. They connected mostly on food. Eating and discovering new spots to eat around the Twin Cities with the family. With Adam being a "self-proclaimed foody" and Jeff just loving to eat in general, the two are an unstoppable wombo-combo. 

"Jeff has always been that chill guy well not always because when I first met him, I thought he was a bit intimidating haha. Something that I love about Jeff is that he’s always down for anything, that goes for food too! I always connect with people through humor and we always have a good laugh together. I’m excited for what the future has for you and Bre and I can’t wait for the many more memories to come!"

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